Thursday, February 19, 2009

Field Trip Presentations

You all know that you will be required to do a "presentation" while we are on the rive on our field trip. I have been intentionally vague about what you should do because I want you to have the flexibility to (1) learn about a topic you are interested in and (2) share that info with your classmates in an interesting way. Unfortunately, we won't have a long enough extension chord to use Powerpoint, so you will have to settle for leading your class around the campfire, in a beautiful canyon, or at a scenic overlook.

In light of Daisy's suggestion that it would be a good idea for you to know what each other is doing, I have prepared this Field Trip Presentation post. This post will allow you to stake your claim to a topic, share ideas, and get feedback from your classmates.

Daisy's Got Dibs

So far Daisy has claimed the always popular topic of "periphyton"! If you wanted to talk about algae then you will have to buy the rights to this topic from her (I suggest $400).

Daisy- while I was being a smart-a@@ looking for a photo of periphyton to post, I came across a couple of websites that might actually be useful to you.


  1. I claim dibs on the Tigua Pueblo Indian tribe. I have been finding some really cool information about their lives and use of the river.

  2. Haha, Fantastic! Thanks for the post, the humor, ad especially the sites!

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  4. I call the "Revolution on the River" (ill come up with a better name later).

    it will be about the mexican raids, the army trying to find the mexican raiders (if they did raids ill talk about them to) and my favorite. Pancho Villa. all along the River of course...

    but this may turn out to be just about Pancho Villa just because he is that cool.

    EDIT: fixed and added some things so i figured might as well delete my last post

  5. and you said these where 15-20mins right :)

  6. Rami, This sounds like a good topic. I think I would like you to aim to talk 20 - 30 minutes and then maybe try to get some discussion started.

  7. I call the hydrilla plant. It will be more specific later on.